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Project Collaborator

Heangjin Park

Assistant Professor of Asian and Asian American Studies Loyola Marymount University


Photo by Erielle Bakkum

Heangjin Park is a sociocultural anthropologist whose research explores the global circulation of commodities, industrial production and distribution of food, and nationalism in contemporary Northeast Asia. Based on his ethnographic research in a kimchi company in China, his book project Manufacturing “Korea” in China examines transborder mobilities and nationalist worldviews across South Korea and China. As a visual anthropologist, Park combines photography, ethnographic film, and media analysis to explore the aesthetic configuration of cultures and nations, such as in his article on Anthropology and Photography and documentary Chejian (post-production).

For more details on his research and publications, please visit his website.


Strings of binary code, a row of shoppers with carts, a barge with shipping containers

Logistics in the Making of Mobile Worlds

2020 – 2023