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Faculty Fellow

Jennifer Cole

Professor and Chair, Department of Comparative Human Development; Chair, Committee on African Studies University of Chicago


Jennifer Cole is a social and cultural anthropologist whose work examines how personal change and individual development shape, and are shaped by, broader political, economic, and cultural transformations: the unruly terrain where person and history meet. Her research focuses on Africa – specifically the island of Madagascar – and the legacy of Madagascar’s colonial and postcolonial encounter with France. As a consequence of her efforts to analyze the interplay between historical change and individual experience, her work addresses the substantive topics of memory and forgetting, youth and generational change, gender, sexuality, kinship and migration.

To learn more about Jennifer Cole's research and publications, please visit her profile page at the Department of Comparative Human Development.


Strings of binary code, a row of shoppers with carts, a barge with shipping containers

Logistics in the Making of Mobile Worlds

2020 – 2023