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Faculty Fellow

John McCormick

Professor of Political Science University of Chicago


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John P. McCormick is Professor of Political Science. His research and teaching interests include political thought in Renaissance Florence (specifically, Guicciardini and Machiavelli), 19th and 20th century continental political and social theory (with a focus on Weimar Germany and Central European emigres to the US), the philosophy and sociology of law, the normative dimensions of European integration, and contemporary democratic theory.

For more details on his research and publications, please visit his profile page at the University of Chicago.

Featured Project

The Changing Social and Rhetorical Foundations of Florentine Republicanism

2014 – 2018


Working Group on Political Theology

Working Group on Political Theology

These scholars sought to define and refine a coherent agenda for a long-term, trans-disciplinary research project on theology’s influence on political ideas and institutions.

Scholarly literature suggests two reasons for the recent re-emergence of political theology across the social sciences and humanities, challenging what many thought was an outdated modality of inquiry. The first is a growing concern that the practical and theoretical subordination of politics to...