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Faculty Fellow

John Proios

Assistant Professor of Philosophy University of Chicago


John Proios joined the University of Chicago faculty in 2021 as an Assistant Professor. He works primarily in ancient Greek philosophy, especially Plato's late metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of language, and logic. He is also interested in the moral, social, and political dimensions of his writing and other figures in Greek and Roman philosophy. Some topics of interest: nature, method, divinity, the human mind/soul, truth, deception, transformation, and forms of human difference. He is also interested in feminist, Marxist, and other critical social theories, both on their own and as a resource for understanding ancient thought. To that end, he is currently working on a book project on the idea of cognitive liberation in Plato's late dialogues, and is a part of a collaborative project on ancient Greek philosophy of race. Less tightly connected, but still of interest: the philosophy of life and death, Indian philosophy (especially Buddhism), the philosophy of education, and the history of science.


Detail of an early eighteenth-century map of the Mediterranean illustrating the voyage of St. Paul to Rome, with biblical illustrations. Lindenberg, De Reysen Christi des Heyland en Pauli met andere syne Bloedgetuygen, Amsterdam, 1703.

Ancient Greek Philosophy of Race and Ethnicity

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2023 – 2025