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Project Collaborator

Patricia Marechal

Assistant Professor in Philosophy University of California, San Diego


Patricia Marechal works in classical Greek philosophy, focusing on ancient theories of the soul, with a special emphasis on ethics, moral psychology, and epistemology in the works of Plato and Aristotle. She is interested in the connection between affective states and intellectual capabilities, species of human motivation, and the extent to which ancient moral psychological models are shaped by the recognition that we are social beings by nature. Marechal has written on Plato and Aristotle’s views on the passions, pleasure, practical wisdom, the virtues of character, and friendship. Additionally, she has projects on representations of women, race, and ethnicity in ancient philosophy. Marechal has written and taught courses on philosophical conceptions of non-human animals in antiquity and the history of vegetarianism. She has an ongoing interest in the history of medicine, and she has written on Galen’s views on the philosophy of mind and teleology. Marechal obtained her PhD at Harvard University.


Detail of an early eighteenth-century map of the Mediterranean illustrating the voyage of St. Paul to Rome, with biblical illustrations. Lindenberg, De Reysen Christi des Heyland en Pauli met andere syne Bloedgetuygen, Amsterdam, 1703.

Ancient Greek Philosophy of Race and Ethnicity

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2023 – 2025