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Project Collaborator

Neo Muyanga


Neo Muyanga is a composer and installation artist. His work traverses new opera, improvisation and African idiomatic song. He lives and works out of Cape Town.

To learn more about his work and hear his music, please visit his website.

Featured Project

Illustration courtesy Stacy Hardy

Transperformations: Breathing Machines Across the Worlds

Project Topics:

2023 – 2024



Illustration by Graeme Arendse


An innovative series of "performance lectures" combining creative expression and theoretical inquiry offer new ways to study colonial and postcolonial histories of tuberculosis.

This research project will explore biographies and geographies of breath through a focus on the colonial histories and postcolonial politics surrounding tuberculosis in South Africa. It will be a research- and performance-based collaborative endeavor between anthropologist Kaushik Sunder Rajan...