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Project Collaborator

Stephen Lintner

Visiting Professor King's College London


Stephen F. Lintner is Visiting Professor of Geography at King’s College London and has over 35 years of worldwide experience in environment, infrastructure and water resources management. At King’s he focuses on three complementary themes: policies and procedures for management of environmental and social impacts and risks; assessment and management of transboundary freshwater, coastal and marine resources; and evaluation of historical processes of human modification of environmental systems. Lintner previously held leadership roles at the World Bank; his most recent position, from 2000 to 2014, was as Senior Technical Adviser, with global responsibilities. Prior to joining the World Bank, Lintner served in the United States Agency for International Development, United States Geological Survey and the Institute for the Study of Ancient Cultures of the University of Chicago. He holds a Ph.D. in Geography and Environmental Engineering from Johns Hopkins University (USA).