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Research Project

Long-Term Environmental and Social Change in Mesopotamia

2016 – 2018

Project Summary

Marshaling texts, archaeological evidence, natural science findings, information on environmental processes, and satellite imagery, researchers shed light on the impact of the environment on cultural development in Mesopotamia.

Research Team

Hermann Gasche

Hermann Gasche

Professor Emeritus

Ghent University

Hermann Gasche is an archaeologist who specializes in ancient Mesopotamia, Assyriology, and Near Eastern archaeology. To learn more about his research and publications, please visit his academic bibliography page at the University of Ghent.

McGuire Gibson

McGuire Gibson

Professor Emeritus of Mesopotamian Archaeology

University of Chicago

McGuire Gibson is a leading authority on ancient Mesopotamia. He has done fieldwork in Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and northeastern Syria. He earned his PhD from the University of Chicago in 1968.

Carrie Hritz

Carrie Hritz

Associate Director for Research

University of Maryland, College Park

Carrie Hritz is an archaeologist specializing in spatial analysis and digital mapping. To learn more about her research and publications, please visit her profile page.

Project Narrative


Oil slicks from leaks in the various oil production and storage platforms located on Lake Maracaibo, in Venezuela, June 11, 2003. Courtesy NASA Earth Observatory.

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