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Research Project

Censorship, Information Control, and Information Revolutions from Printing Press to Internet

Project Team:

2018 – 2021

Project Summary

This project compared current efforts to control information with parallel responses to the print revolution in the early modern world, with the aim of informing policy and keeping the digital world a fertile ground for free expression.


Research Team

Ada Palmer

Ada Palmer

Associate Professor, Early Modern European History and the College

University of Chicago

Ada Palmer’s research on intellectual history, or the history of ideas, explores how history and thought shape each other over time. The Italian Renaissance is a perfect moment for approaching this question because at that point the ideas about science, religion, and the world that had developed...

Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow

Science Fiction Author, Activist, Journalist, and Blogger; Co-Editor of Boing Boing

Cory Doctorow is a Canadian-British blogger, journalist, and science fiction author who served as co-editor of the blog Boing Boing. He is an activist in favor of liberalizing copyright laws and a proponent of the Creative Commons organization, using some of their licenses for his...

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