The Neubauer Collegium was established in 2012 based on the recommendation of Martha Roth, dean of the Humanities Division, and Mark Hansen, then dean of the Division of the Social Sciences, a recommendation that itself was borne of two years of conversations with faculty in their divisions about the future of humanities and humanistic social sciences.

From those discussions emerged a call to create at the University of Chicago an institute for integrative research in humanities and humanistic social sciences, drawing on the considerable strengths of the University: ambitious faculty, a history of innovation in the humanities and the humanistic social sciences, and an uncommon institutional flexibility. The new institute was to focus on the study of large-scale questions that transcend any single scholar or discipline by supporting distinctive and collaborative research projects, visiting scholars from around the world, and public engagement.

The Neubauer Collegium supports innovative collaborative research projects of University of Chicago faculty, while pioneering efforts to engage a wider public in humanistic scholarship. 

The Neubauer Collegium reflects the University’s strong commitment to humanistic inquiry and discourse. We are especially grateful to the vision of Joe and Jeanette Neubauer, whose $26.5 million gift in support of this initiative sets a standard for philanthropy that will have a lasting impact on humanistic scholarship at the University of Chicago and beyond.