Application Process

Faculty Research Awards

Deadline: October 20, 2020 (for projects beginning July 2021)

Program Description

The Neubauer Collegium provides financial, strategic, and administrative support for research projects that enable University of Chicago faculty to pursue complex questions that require collaboration, inspire an interdisciplinary approach, and are informed by a humanistic perspective. The Neubauer Collegium encourages experimentation in the conceptualization and implementation of collaborative work.

Types of Financial Support

The following categories of funding are guidelines:

Collaborative Research Projects: The Neubauer Collegium provides a range of funding for research projects from seed awards of up to $25,000/year to a small number of large-scale awards of $25,000-$100,000/year. Seed-level awards are intended for projects at early stages of development, or for projects that need strategic funds to explore new research trajectories. All levels of funding may be multi-year (1-3 years). 

Visiting Fellow Projects: The Neubauer Collegium supports Visiting Fellows associated with its research projects and also Fellows who will contribute to collaborative research at the University. Proposals for visitors may be submitted by any individual or group of faculty, and should describe how the Visiting Fellow will strengthen collaborative research on campus.


Proposals may originate from any discipline or unit of the University of Chicago, provided humanistic modes of inquiry are central to the pursuit, and provided University of Chicago faculty are engaged as core researchers. Current members of the Neubauer Collegium Faculty Advisory Board are ineligible to apply.

Prospective applicants should download the Neubauer Collegium Application Guidelines and are invited to consult with staff at the Neubauer Collegium. Contact Carolyn Ownbey to arrange a meeting at