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Faculty Fellow

John Novembre

Professor, Human Genetics University of Chicago


John Novembre is a computational biologist whose work sheds new light on human evolutionary history, population structure and migration, and the etiology of genetic diseases. Novembre's research group uses computational tools to study genetic diversity in natural populations. The Novembre Lab's goal is to develop widely used statistical methods for intelligently extracting information from large-scale genomic data with the aim to improve understanding of: (1) basic genomic biology, (2) the biology of heritable disease traits, (3) the genetic basis of evolutionary processes, and (4) the history and evolution of various species, especially humans. From a disciplinary perspective, most of the ideas the lab uses are from theoretical population genetics, statistical genetics, and computational statistics. Much of the Novembre Lab's work is invigorated by addressing data from emerging genotyping and sequencing technologies applied to large or particularly interesting population samples.

For more details on his research and publications, please visit his profile page at the University of Chicago.


A double helix superimposed over a satellite image of an archaeological site

Genomes, Migrations, and Culture in the Early Civilizations of the Middle East

2021 – 2023