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Faculty Fellow

Maanasa Raghavan

Assistant Professor, Human Genetics University of Chicago


Maanasa Raghavan's research interests span questions and applications in multiple fields, including population genetics/genomics, anthropology, archaeology, and medical genetics. The big question driving her research is: How have demographic, cultural, and environmental factors contributed over time to shaping the genetic profiles of present-day human populations? In order to address specific research questions embedded within this overarching goal, she and her research colleagues use a combined approach that brings together genome-scale data from present-day and ancient humans and their biotic environment, especially domesticates and pathogens. Through the implementation of multiple complementary projects set within the global context, this research will ultimately contribute to the understanding of the evolutionary mechanisms that underlie adaptations and diseases among human populations.

To learn more about Maanasa Raghavan's research and publications, please see her profile page at the Department of Human Genetics.


A double helix superimposed over a satellite image of an archaeological site

Genomes, Migrations, and Culture in the Early Civilizations of the Middle East

2021 – 2023