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Visiting Fellow, 2022 – 2023

Lynna Dhanani

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies University of California, Davis


Lynna Dhanani

Lynna Dhanani's research explores the confluence of interreligious polemics, philosophical debate, devotional themes, and poetics in the Sanskrit hymns of the celebrated twelfth-century Svetambara Jain Hemacandra, court pandit to two Hindu kings of medieval Gujarat. Having dedicated herself to the study of multiple Indian religions for more than two decades, she has a wide range of interests, including Jainism, Sanskrit and Prakrit language and literature, medieval Indian alchemical traditions, yoga and tantra, Indian devotional movements, Indian philosophy, and especially South Asian religious art. While in residence as a Visiting Fellow at the Neubauer Collegium, Dhanani collaborated as a member of the research team on the Entanglements of the Indian Past project.