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Research Project

The Past for Sale: Morag Kersel – Visiting Fellow

2015 – 2017

Project Summary

This project supported the Visiting Fellowship of Morag Kersel, who collaborated on the Past for Sale research project and The Past Sold gallery exhibition.

Research Team

Fiona Greenland

Fiona Greenland

Assistant Professor of Sociology

University of Virginia

Fiona Greenland works at the intersection of cultural sociology, comparative and historical sociology, and archaeology. The core issue she investigates is the role of artifactual culture in modern social life. To do this, she uses mixed qualitative methods that attend to individual and group...

Lawrence Rothfield

Lawrence Rothfield

Associate Professor, English and Comparative Literature

University of Chicago

Rothfield's research focuses on the way in which literature, criticism, and other cultural activities are caught up within epistemic and political struggles. He is interested in understanding, in particular, how the nineteenth-century novel in England and France mutates in response to changes in...

Aaron Tugendhaft

Aaron Tugendhaft


Bard College Berlin

Aaron Tugendhaft is a scholar of the ancient Middle East and a dedicated humanities teacher focusing on religion, political philosophy, and the arts. He received his PhD from the Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies at New York University in 2012 and also holds degrees in Art History and...


A double helix superimposed over a satellite image of an archaeological site

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