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Visiting Fellow, 2017 – 2019

Zhao Wei

Research Fellow Capital Normal University, Beijing


Zhao Wei is a postdoctoral fellow at Capital Normal University, Beijing, specializing in modern Chinese literature and digital humanities. The first scholar who used the digital humanities method to explore the narration patterns in large-scale modern Chinese novels, she developed the technique of extracting “relationship data” from multivolume modern Chinese texts to analyze hundreds of characters and networks. This research was the subject of her dissertation, Novel, Information and Revolution: Social Network and Historical Narration in Trilogy of Great Wave (2016). She earned her PhD in Comparative Literature at Tsinghua University and served as a visiting fellow at Cornell University in 2012-2013. Currently she is working on several modern and contemporary Chinese literature projects. One of these projects, Moyan’s Full Texts Corpus and Modern Chinese Literature Text Mining, aims to design and construct the first all-in-one modern Chinese writers corpus and analytic interface, which will help researchers to reorient their understanding of the modern Chinese novel from the quantitative and computational perspective. During her residency at the Neubauer Collegium, she collaborated with the Textual Optics research team and served as a principal researcher for a major Chinese-language project at the Textual Optics Lab.