Faculty Advisory Board

The Neubauer Collegium is overseen by Jonathan Lear, the Roman Family Director of the Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society, who works closely with a Faculty Advisory Board to shape the Neubauer Collegium’s intellectual direction and programs.

Faculty Advisory Board

Lauren Berlant

George M. Pullman Distinguished Service Professor, Department of English Language and Literature

Susan Gal

Mae and Sidney G. Metzl Distinguished Service Professor, Departments of Anthropology and Linguistics

Tom Ginsburg

Leo Spitz Professor of International Law, Ludwig and Hilde Wolf Research Scholar, and Professor of Political Science

Susan Goldin-Meadow

Beardsley Ruml Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Psychology and Committee on Human Development

Chris Kennedy

William H. Colvin Professor of Linguistics

Canice Prendergast

W. Allen Wallis Distinguished Service Professor, Chicago Booth School of Business

Kenneth Warren

Fairfax M. Cone Distinguished Service Professor, Department of English

David Wellbery

LeRoy T. and Margaret Deffenbaugh Carlson University Professor Germanic Studies, Comparative Literature, and the College